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Cold Steel, Incorporatedwas founded in 1980, a company dedicated to making the strongest, sharpest knives in the world. Over the last three decades, Cold Steel has been at the forefront of the many innovations that have helped to define the knife industry as a whole. Progressive accomplishment, including the introduction of the checked Kraton® handles, and the tanto point blade styles have gone from curiously interesting features to industry-wide hallmarks of quality and sophistication. New ground was also broken with the introduction of unique new blade steels like San Mai III® and Tri-Ad™ Lock& locking mechanism for folding knives. Tri-Ad™ Lock for example, has never been equaled by any of Cold Steel's competitors and nothing they have produced yet has been proven to outperform it.

2015 Montoya's shorin-Ryu Kempo Retreat

Masters from all over the country come to train at Montoya's Shorin Kempo Dojo.  Professor Ken Baker, Hanshi Roger Greene, Hanshi Dan Kennedy, just to name a few.  Top masters join our ranks annually.

Montoya's Shorin Kempo Karate Jitsu in Bryan.  Are you looking for a Traditional Martial Arts School?  One that thinks outside the box and the only limitation to what you learn is your desire to learn? We offer self defense classes, karate classes, grappling, self-defense and much more.

Look no further!!!

Join our family from all over the country!

Personal Training in Bryan

TAmu Shorin Kempo Karate-Jitsu Club

Montoya's Shorin-Ryu Kempo Karate-Jitsu  American Black Belt Association

Is karate for you?

Self-Defense / men and women

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The defense of one's person or interests, especially through the use of physical force, which is permitted in certain cases as an answer to a charge of a violent crime.  That is the definition of Self-Defense.   Both men and women need to be vigilant when it comes to keeping one self safe!