Martial Arts Career

  • World Peace Martial Arts-Hall of Fame Inductee (03/08/2014) Master Raymond Montoya
  • 9th dan, American Shorin Kempo Karate Association.
  • 9th dan American Black Belt Association.   
  • Master: Late: 9th dan Hanshi Terry Lee Bryan (TX)
  • Certificate of Endorsement 9th degree/Kudan Title : Hanshi


Hanshi Dan Kennedy 9th dan US Kempo Kobujitsu (KS) Dr. Roger W. Greene, Hanshi 10th dan Roger Greene’s MA Assn (OK) Hanshi Ron Rogers, 10th dan Midori Yama Budokai (KS)
Hanshi/Professor Ken Baker, 9th dan Midori Yama Budokai (KS) Hanshi Bill Marron 10th dan American Kempo Karate & Weapons (KS) 8th dan United States National Karate Assn. Master: 10th dan Hanshi Jim Mather (CA) 8th degree Republic of China, Chinese Martial Arts Assn.
Master: 10th degree Gu Ping (Canada) / Late: 9th degree Terry L. Bryan(TX) 6th degree International Yi Tsung Assn. Master: 10th degree Harold Mayle / Late: 9th degree Terry L. Bryan (TX) 5th dan The USA Karate Federation, Master: 8th dan Late Hanshi George Anderson 3rs dan United States Kenpo Kobujitsu Master: 9th dan Hanshi Dan Kennedy (KS) 3rd degree Midori Yama Budokai-Luziminda Arnis Master: Late GM Federico Lazo / Master Ricky Lazo (FL) 2nd degree International Modern Arnis Federation Founder/President Late GM: Remy A. Presas (Canada)

bart benthul

Bart discovered his love for martial arts in the hand-to-hand combat pits at the US Army Infantry School at Ft. Benning, Georgia in 1982.  After arriving at his permanent duty station he found a group of fellow soldiers  with whom he could informally train for the duration of his tour of duty.  After getting out of the Army Bart moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado where he began training in  Universal Kempo Karate earning a 2nd Step Brown Belt.  In 1990, he moved to College Station, Texas where he began training with then Shihan Raymond Montoya at Tiger's Den Martial Arts School in his spare time when not attending classes at Texas A&M University.  After graduation from Texas A&M Bart moved away and in the intervening years between 1996 and 2007 trained in a variety of martial arts including Gon Da Gow Kung Fu, Shaolin-Do and Yang Style Taijiquan.  In 2007 Bart returned to Bryan/College Station and has been training with Hanshi Montoya ever since.  He now holds 3rd Degree Black Belts in Shorin-Ryu Kempo Karate Juitsu and Chinese Kempo.  He also has a First Degree Black Belt in Shaolin-Do Kung Fu.

Bart is currently studying Wu Dang Style Taijiquan under Master Yun Xiang Tseng and also teaches a Yang Style Taijiquan class at Hanshi Montoya's School 

Long-term Business - since 1990

TAmu Shorin Kempo Karate-Jitsu Club

Montoya's Shorin-Ryu Kempo Karate-Jitsu  American Black Belt Association

Tel: (979) 823-0278

2603 Rountree St #101 Bryan TX 77801 US

desiree' benthul

After moving across the country in June, 2004.  She started training in Shaolin-Do with her father.  Ten years later Desiree' is still going strong in martial arts.  She earned a brown belt in Shaolin-Do before joining Hanshi Raymond Montoya in Bryan, TX.  Desiree now holds a first degree Black Belt in Shorin Kempo Karate Juitsu under Hanshi Montoya.  These days is training hard in Chinese Kempo and she has found that she has an affinity for Arnis

Hanshi Raymond Montoya

U.S. Army 06/’76-06/’79 E-4/Specialist, 3yrs service, MOS: 95B/Military Policeman

Bryan Police Department 26 ½ yrs Police Officer/Retired (Investigator, Detective, Patrolman, Recruiter, & Supervisor) Two Departmental Citations BPOA Patrol Officer of Year (1983) BPD Supervisor of the Year (2001) 
Defense Tactics Instructor (PPCT) handcuffing, expandable baton, side-handle baton, Pressure points, Knife defense, & ground escape and  Firearms Instructor,
Brazos County Attorney’s Office, Prosecutor Investigator currently 7 yrs. and counting (

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